A little about me:
I began swimming at age 5 at my local community pool in Iowa, and swam competitively through High School. I attended the University of Iowa where I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree.

I began teaching lessons and lifeguarding in the 1980s, being a swimmer in a small town, this was the next logical step. Through the years I have realized I have a passion for water and teaching, so I have spent half my life combining the two. Recently I have been coaching competitive swimming, and teaching parent child lessons through adults.

I feel everyone, children and adults, should learn to be safe around water, and learning to swim is a good way to start. Making the lesson fun and interesting based on the appropriate skill level is how I engage people to learn. Being fun is only part of the plan as my students also have to respect being around water. Finding out why people are taking lessons is the beginning of the process. Input from parents as to how their child learns is also important in planning how I will approach each lesson. Breaking everything into smaller skills is how I like to see progression in my students.

I am certified in Red Cross Lifeguarding, First Aid and CPR. I have attended many classes and clinics during my career to further educate myself and keep updated on current techniques, for both competitive and non-competitive swimming.

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Fall 2017: September 1st – December 23rd

*Tuition fees are based on one private half hour lesson per week until the end of a specific session. Pricing may vary depending on your enrollment date and type of class.

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