Adult Lesson – A lesson in which an adult client (age 16+) is signing up. Most of our instructors can teach adults. As a company policy, we require that any pool that does not have a lifeguard present, has same gender instructor/adult client. Meaning, if there are no witnesses, adult males swim with male instructors and adult females swim with female instructors.

Advanced Lesson – This lesson is an hour long class designed for those students who have mastered all four strokes and are wishing to learn more about competitive swim. We currently ONLY run this program out of TCNJ on Wednesday evenings.

Child Lesson – This is a private lesson for anyone ages 3 thru 16. A child may swim with an instructor of either gender, however accomodations are made if the client has specific request.

Client Name – Refers to the name of the adult that registered the child(ren). Usually this is the same as the credit card holder.

Open Spot – Any spot that has an instructor scheduled and is available for a client to register.

Register – Giving all info needed to create an account and confirming a day & time and credit card information to be billed for the session.

Sibling Lesson – A semi-private lesson (2 students: 1 instructor) for 2 children living in the same household that are no younger than 5 years old and no more than 3 years age difference. This type of lesson works best if both children are at the same or similar skill level. At any time during a session, an instructor has the right to change a sibling lesson to a private lesson if he or she feels that it is not safe or productive for both children.

Credit – Applied to your Making Waves Swim School account when a class is canceled by Making Waves Swim School or if a medical note is received for a class cancelled by the client. Depending on the type of credit, it will then be available either for makeup or refund at the end of the session.

Refund – When a refundable credit remains on your account at the end of the session it will then be returned back to you via the credit card that we have on file. Some credits are not eligible for refund, only for makeup and never expire.

Session – The timeframe of classes registered for. Each session varries in length and you may register for any session at any time and pay the remaining weeks of the session. Our sessions are broken down by season: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.

Split Billing – You have the option to split the bill in half when you register before the session starts or within the first 2 weeks of the new session. One payment will be made upon registration and the second midway thru the session. There is a $15 processing fee for all split bills.

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