A little about me:
I am a swim instructor , a water exercise instructor and a lifeguard. I currently teach adults and special need students water exercise. Water exercise allows my students to maintain healthy exercise while limiting impact or injury. I also spent the summers of my youth in the neighborhood pool. Formal instruction kept me safe and swimming thru out my life. After becoming an empty nester I was inclined to give up the corporate world and pursue a career change. A choice to pursue my interest was a simplistic path because of early instruction and an inclination to teach. AEA certifications, lifeguard certification and swim lesson training coupled with my managerial and customer service experience allows me special insight into teaching swim and water safety skills. Being confident students will not only learn safety they will also realize the opportunities that swimming provides. From kayaking to snorkeling to surfing. Swimming is a accomplished life long skill that benefits the body and the mind and what’s more it’s fun!
Certainly, I am dedicated to providing valuable swim instruction so students embrace all water safety and swim skills have to offer in life.

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