A little about me:
I began competitively swimming in middle school, swam varsity through high school and was captain senior year, and am currently on the varsity swim team at my college. I have taught lessons at a community pool in years prior and have been an assistant coach for a summer swim team. I love teaching swim lessons because swimming is one of my passions and I enjoy sharing this passion and my experience with others. I also teach swim lessons because I believe that it is an important life skill to have. I tailor my lessons to the student and their weaknesses to help them improve while doing my best to ensure the student still has fun!

Whether someone is a beginner or someone who has taken lessons before, I believe that I will be able to help them improve their stroke and become more comfortable in the water. For a beginner student, teaching survival skills before worrying about formal strokes is beneficial because the survival skills will allow them to become comfortable in the water and help them trust themselves. In my experience, students who do not have survival skills are often more fearful of the water and have a more difficult time learning strokes than those who already have survival skills. While teaching a student, I do my best to create a fun and positive environment. Especially for children, I believe that this type of environment will help them make the most improvement. I think that communication between myself and parents of the student is important in order to reach the goals they have for their child.

I currently hold certifications for Lifeguarding, First Aid, CPR, and AED.

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Summer 2018: June 11th – August 17th

Additional Openings:

Fall 2018: September 4st – December 23rd

*Tuition fees are based on one private half hour lesson per week until the end of a specific session. Pricing may vary depending on your enrollment date and type of class.

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