A little about me:
Since 2013, I have been teaching swim lessons to all ages and skill levels. I can also teach special needs. I fully enjoy what i do and try to bring that joy to each of my students. I try to build confidence in my students by encouragement and a positive attitude. I am firm believer that anyone can learn to swim and i am willing to teach each student within their own comfort level. Safety is my #1 priority and I fully believe each student should learn basic survival skills in the water. If there are any specific goals that a parent/student may want i will prioritize the lesson based upon the request.

I am currently Lifeguard certified for both pool and waterfront as well as First Aid/CPR/AED certified. I am always finding new and creative ways to teach lessons to my students. I also practice what i teach so that i know each skill can be accomplished and not a struggle. If there are any questions, comments, complaints, etc from parents or students I do my absolute best to address them,

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