My name is Dominique Loncke but everyone calls me Nikki. I’ve taught swim lessons for about two years in Greensboro, North Carolina at my local aquatic center. I’ve loved swimming all my life and always enjoyed being in the water. If I had to describe my personality I would say that I am very kind & understanding. I love to laugh but I can also be very strict & serious at times. I teach swimming lessons because it is crucial that all people know how to keep themselves safe in the water but also so that they are able to have a good time.. whether it be with their friends or family.. everyone deserves to have a good time in the pool/beach. For my teaching style, I use real life situations to help swimmers to picture themselves in a particular situation. I believe that most people are visual learners so most of the time I’ll demonstrate a drill before I ask the student to perform it.
Beginners are very courageous and outgoing because they actually took the initiative to learn how to swim which is amazing. I think that survival skills should be mastered before the formal strokes because safety comes before anything. You have to learn to crawl before you walk and walk before you run. Knowing the basics of swimming are more important because staying safe is goal #1. I motivate children by basically telling them how proud of them I will be if they perform properly & also how proud their family/friends will be. I do teach special needs children. I meet parent goals by talking with them and seeing what exactly it is that they’re wanting to achieve.
I am a currently a certified Lifeguard & I am also certified in CPR, First Aid, and AED. I have gone through over 20 hours of training by Making Waves Swim School as well to become an official instructor.

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