A little about me:
My name is Janessa and I am 19 years old. I have been swimming since I was very young – the water has always been a big part of my life. I began my swim team training when I was in middle school, and then several years later I got the opportunity to teach at the YMCA and give lessons for all ages. I’m a great mix of outgoing and conservative, pride myself on great communication and can be a bit goofy just to keep my students smiling. I think teaching pairs well with my personality because I’m very understanding, patient, and observant.

Teaching beginners is always fun and exciting, because I love watching my students begin to learn their technique and strokes. Teaching survival skills is so very important, which is why I always begin my new student’s lessons with survival skills. They can take these skilled lessons and be safe and assured at any place like vacations, cruises or even the comfort of their own pool. I like to see what each of my students strengths and weaknesses are, what they’re confident in and what they hesitate in. Then I’ll normally give them motivational words, a fun game that helps their weaknesses, or really help them use their imagination more so they feel more excited to learn. I’ve taught special needs as well, and find that my calm demeanor really helps students of all ability adapt in the water.

I am currently lifeguard, CPR, and first aide certified. I can’t wait to meet you in the water!

Fall 2021: September 1st – December 23rd

Winter 2022: January 2nd – March 31st

*Tuition fees are based on one private half hour lesson per week until the end of a specific session. Pricing may vary depending on your enrollment date and type of class.

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