My prior swimming experience was as captain of my high school team and a member of a club team in Florida. I have been swimming for fourteen years and I love to encourage and teach safety in the pool as well as more advanced lessons for those seeking to be competitive. I teach in a way that allows my students to enjoy themselves. While swimming can be very serious and the water can sometimes be dangerous, it is always fun and I want my students to know that. I believe everyone should know how to swim therefore, I love teaching beginners. It takes some time but the satisfaction of knowing someone is safe in the water is well worth it. I believe in teaching safety skills first because, a student can always become competitive later but knowing how to save oneself and stay safe is necessary. I Motivate my younger students by encouraging them to keep going and by asking them their thoughts. sometimes depending on the age it helps to use toys at first to encourage them to be both comfortable with me and the water. I teach special needs because, I believe everyone should be safe in the water. I do try to teach specific parent requests but, they have to be incorporated into the safety skills at first. I am currently lifeguard, C.P.R , and A.E.D certified. I have also gone through lessons my self on both how to swim competitively and how to teach swim.

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Fall 2018: September 4th – December 23rd

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Winter 2018: January 2nd – March 31st