My name is Mia and my list of open spots are below. I look forward to meeting and making relationships with new students. I have always loved swimming since I was a child, starting with swimming for fun while on summer vacations, and then beginner swim lessons at the age of 5. From there I spent my summers swimming at a private pool where my parents were members, I was introduced to a small swim team there where I learned a lot of my swimming techniques. I was then encouraged to try out for the high school swim team where I swam for four years and even was a captain my senior year. In total I have been swimming seriously for almost 12 years. I am a very bubbly person who loves to sing songs (usually badly!), making lots of jokes, and overall just having fun. I am a firm believer that swimming is a life skill that can become a passion and hobby, which leads to me wanting to teach swim lessons. (My first ever beginner lesson was my own dad! He was about 35 at the time and now he is a confident and safe swimmer who could save himself as well as someone else. I am so proud to have been a part of his journey) I am a Deaf Education major at The College of New Jersey and will be beginning my graduate program next fall. I bring classroom techniques to my swim lessons often, making sure to always have high energy, always encourage students, facilitate an environment for students to make mistakes as well as ask questions.

As stated previously, swimming is a life skill so beginner lessons are so important and the beginning to a new love for swimming in a safe way! Teaching survival skills first and foremost is important because once students learn how to be safe within the water and get to safety quickly, they are ready to learn new more advanced skills. I like to motivate children through a close relationship, always praising improvement. In my opinion, it’s important to also praise a genuine attempt to make improvements. I like to incorporate games into lessons as a way for student to have fun while also practicing important skills. I do have experience teaching children with special needs and I am open to any child, I just ask that the parent is open with me and communicates what the students needs to improve and what form of communication works best. As said before, I am a Deaf Education major and can hold a whole lesson in sign language when needed and would be happy to do so. I am also knowledgeable on working with a child with a hearing loss who does not communicate through sign (i.e using visual aids). A huge goal for me is always maintain open communication with the parents, their wants and their needs. By addressing these concern and wants before each lesson, or when needed, I can keep them in mind throughout the whole lesson.

I currently am a certified lifeguard, trained in first aid, CPR, and AED.

*Tuition fees are based on one private half hour lesson per week until the end of a specific session. Pricing may vary depending on your enrollment date and type of class.

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