Strokes Above the Rest
A refreshing swim on a hot summer day. Jumping off a diving board for the first time. A silly game of Marco Polo. The joys of swimming cannot be denied, but the dangers can’t be either. That’s why Making Waves Swim School offers swimming lessons that put water safety first. Because before people learn to swim, they must learn the life-saving skills that go along with it.

Our swimming class for kids and adults isn’t just a fun recreational activity—it’s the perfect way to acquire a skill that will last a lifetime. With easy registration, convenient hotel locations and flexible schedules, Making Waves Swim School offers private one-on-one attention from friendly, qualified and certified instructors, making the learning process quick and easy.

Whether the swimming lessons are for your child or yourself, it’s time to dive right into the private swimming lessons NJ has come to rely on. Learn to swim with us today!

News and Announcements

Come on in, the water is fine!  Learn to swim with us during our upcoming sessions! One student, one instructor, and an indoor heated pool - the perfect way to learn to swim and the Sooner The Safer!

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New Client Review:
Our littlest just started lessons. I love the private one-on-one structure. My son is high-functioning Autistic and does not speak. I discussed my concerns with the staff and they listened and took it all into consideration and let me know their instructor could handle him. The instructor was so patient with him but also knew when he could do it and didn't let him quit! My older 2 went through Making Waves swim school as well and now swim like fish! Their instructor was amazing as well! The owner popped in a few times to check on the pool during our lessons (which were always warm and clean ). It's always great to see an owner who cares about their company and gets to know his clients and instructors. I highly recommend Making Waves! EW.