Making Waves Swim School is proud of its mission to revolutionize the swim instruction industry by providing a safe, conveniently located, quality program, with personalized attention. We believe that a student who feels safe and cared about will be the most successful, and we want nothing more then for them to become at one with the water. Our program will place them in a comfortable atmosphere with positive reinforcement. As a result, the student will adopt the skills and self-confidence needed to excel in any environment in or out of the water.

Much like music, karate, or dance, swimming is an exercise and art form that must be crafted and developed over time. Making Waves Swim School has been a proud member of The United States Swim School Association (USSSA) since 1998.

Our goals are to provide quality swim lessons in a quiet environment, which is safe and free of most of the distractions in other aquatic programs. 

We look forward to making our clients confident and knowledgeable in and around the water.

We are the only learn-to-swim program in the area that specializes in private one-on-one instruction. We also believe in minimizing distractions to our students, and as a result, schedule only one instructor at a time at each of our locations. Our instructors are qualified teachers who have been carefully selected based on the minimum requirements of 1 year teaching experience as well as the possession of up-to-date Lifeguard, First Aid, and CPR/AED certifications. Pools are typically maintained around 85 degrees or higher.

We have open enrollment so once you feel you are ready to commit, please feel free to call us back in the office so that we may process your registration and payment. Please remember that registration requires full payment with a credit card at the time of purchase.

Water Safety Presentations

Do you feel as strongly about water safety as we do?  Drowning is still the number one leading cause of accidental injury in children under the age of 7, and the second leading cause in school age children. Water education is the key to drowning prevention and we need to make that this is brought to the attention of both parents and children. Whether it be schools or events, we’re here to help keep our children, and in turn, our communities safe. If you are interested in having Making Waves Swim School come to speak or present a Water Safety Demonstration, please contact us.

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