All instructors have been carefully selected by Making Waves Swim School. Your instructor understands that each student is different and learns at a pace that is comfortable to them. Each lesson is created and implemented with these factors in mind.

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Ms. Aimee G.
Ms. Alexis C.
Ms. Alexus E.
Ms. Alison R.
Ms. Aubrey M.
Ms. Danielle M.
Ms. Deana B.
Mr. Eric T.
Mr. Eric W.
Mr. Ethan T.
Ms. Hannah B.
Mr. James F.
Ms. Jamie S.
Ms. Janessa L.
Mr. Jeff T.
Mr. Joseph G.
Ms. Keriann
Ms. Laura A.
Mr. Mannie P.
Mr. Matthew S.
Ms. Mia V.
Mr. Paul W.
Ms. Savannah O.
Mr. Shlok S.
Mr. Todd B.
Mr. Yash K.
Ms. Zinah F.

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