A little about me:

I’m Maya! I’ve been swimming since before I can remember. My mother enrolled me in swim lessons when I was 3 years old, and I have not stopped swimming since.

I grew up swimming with my local swim team competitively and I swam there until I was 14. At the age of 14, I got my first swim instructing job at a camp where I taught groups of 3–5-year-olds. At, 15 I officially became a lifeguard certified and started working as a lifeguard and swim instructor. Around this time, I was also competing in Winter swim for a different swim team. I ended my competitive swim career when I aged out at 18. Even after I stopped competitively swimming, I continued to lifeguard. I’ve always loved swimming, so I am excited to spread my love and passion for swimming to my new swimmers!

I would say that my teaching style and my personality are both creative. I love teaching students to swim in ways that works specifically with their needs and preferences. I believe that swimming can become a passion for anyone given the right instructor and I would love to be that instructor that makes the pool a fun and safe space that they are looking forward to going to every week!

When I first started teaching, I mostly instructed beginners. I love the challenge of working with students who are afraid of the water – I have never had a student fail to be comfortable and have fun in the pool under my care! I believe that safety is the number one priority of a swim instructor. Teaching swimmers how to be safe in and around pools is one of the morals that was instilled in me by my mom, instructors, and coaches over the years. I have experience and am comfortable teaching students with special needs, including those on the autism spectrum.

Currently, I am certified in adult, child, and infant CPR/AED, as well as lifeguarding. I can’t wait to make a splash with you!

Summer 2024: July 1st – August 31st Openings

Fall 2024: September 1st – December 23rd Openings

Winter 2025: January 2nd – March 31st Openings

Spring 2025: April 1st – June 30th Openings

*Tuition fees are based on one private half hour lesson per week until the end of a specific session. Pricing may vary depending on your enrollment date and type of class.

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