Our program is open enrollment so you can join at any time and only pay for the number of lessons left in that session.

* The session price is determined by the number of classes in that session and is prorated on a weekly basis.

* New clients pay when their time is confirmed. 

* The option to split the bill 50/50 is available for clients solely at the client’s request.  The first half of the bill will be charged the day of enrollment, and the second half will be billed 1 month later (when applicable.  Billing may vary due to session length).  Please be aware that there is a $15 processing fee for any split bills.

* We are unable to hold spots without a credit card and payment of the session since our system cannot process these types of requests.  Non-payment will result in a drop from the session and forfeiture of the reserved lesson time.

Open Spots

Making Waves Swim School identifies the available options for registering for swim lessons as “open spots.” Please read the following information:

* Open spots are sold in half hour increments.

* Open spots cannot be purchased the same day as the start date. You must purchase an open spot at least 1 day prior to start and no later than 2:00 pm.

* Open spots are sold for the session. This means you are required to purchase the remaining weeks of the session in full at the time of registration.

* A 10% discount off the entire bill is available when purchasing 3 half-hour increments or more each week, per session.

* Spots are not reserved or renewed automatically from session to session, and re-enrollment is not compulsory. Clients must “act” in order to reserve their spots for the following session.

Sibling Lessons

Some, but not all, locations offer sibling lessons. Sibling lessons can only be offered if both children are over the age of 5 and there is no more than a 3-year age difference between siblings. Siblings MUST live within the same household. The price is $83.00 for a 30-minute sibling class.


Registration for lessons in Sessions must be purchased and are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. The School guarantees the date, time and location of all Lessons for all Participants whom have registered in advance for a Session, except as otherwise provided herein. Any other lesson of any other Session is not automatically scheduled or renewed. It is recommended that Participant schedules the next Session as soon as possible. To register for a Session, please contact our office by Parent Portal, phone, or email. Once Participant’s request for renewal has been received and confirmed, the School will charge Participant the cost for such Session up to sixty (60) days before the start of the next session and Participant agrees to purchase such Session.  Registrations occurring greater than sixty (60) days before the start of session will be billed a $50.00 non-refundable deposit to secure the lesson.  ALL registrations are subject to an $8.00 registration fee per session, per swimmer. This Agreement shall remain in full force and effect and shall apply to and upon any and all renewals of Sessions or Lessons.

Cancellations and Makeups

To be eligible for one makeup lesson per session and to cancel a class, you may submit an absence by clicking on the “Cancel a Lesson” tab OR a message can be left for our office staff 2 hours prior to the start of the lesson. Verbally telling your instructor is not sufficient, as our office staff must be aware of all lesson cancellations.

Poolside Manner

Our lessons are held at hotel facilities. Therefore, it is essential that participants and their families do not run or play in the hotel or pool area and that they maintain “indoor” voices at all times.

Child Supervision

Due to medical and safety reasons, as well as out of courtesy to your instructor, a parent/guardian must be poolside for the entire lesson. Unsupervised children will be removed from the pool until the parent/guardian returns. Children waiting for their lesson to begin must be seated with their parent/guardian.

Hot Tub

Children or additional family members may not enter or use the hot tub for any amount of time or for any reason.

Fitness Center

The fitness center and equipment are for Hotel Guests only. For no reason are we allowed to have children, parents, or instructors use this facility.


Due to space restrictions and insurance regulations, only one person may accompany the student during class time. We understand that other family members and friends would like to observe, but unfortunately the above-mentioned restrictions and regulations prohibits this. Only registered participants may attend.


Food, including snacks and candy, are not permitted in or near the pool area. Children should be fed prior to arriving at the hotel. All complimentary food and beverage items are for hotel guests only.


Hotel management provides towels at the pool for the exclusive use of hotel guests only. Making Waves Swim School participants may not use these towels. Please bring towels with you to class. Any questions or concerns of any nature must be directed to the Making Waves Swim School office.  Do not contact the hotel for any reason. 


Unless Making Waves Swim School decides to close for the day due to weather concerns, Lessons will be held as scheduled. **Please check the home page of our website for updates- With locations being all over NJ, some locations may be open while others are closed**

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