New Requirements For Your Community Pool

Do you live in a community with a pool that has a surface area greater than 2000 square feet? The updated NJ Bather code now requires that your facility have an on-staff Pool Director. DO NOT WAIT and DO NOT RISK missing Memorial Day opening weekend by not having this important certification which may be … Continued

Understanding Life Jackets and Flotation Devices

Have you ever worn a life jacket or personal flotation device (PDF)? Have you ever gone boating? Particularly in a Kayak, Rowboat, or Canoe? These are probably the most common types of boats people wear lifejackets in. Although most people equate wearing life jackets with smaller boat activities, larger boats are also required to have … Continued

Basic Pool Chemistry

The Basics of Pool Chemistry (and why they matter) One cannot simply dig a hole in the ground, fill it with water, and call it a pool. Tempting as it may be. If you do this you would soon find your “pool” turning all sorts of fun colors and becoming home to all sorts of … Continued

5 Things Any Safe Swimmer Should Master

One of the most common questions I get asked has to be, “Is my child a safe swimmer?” The answer to this question largely depends on your definition of safe. For the purpose of this blog, let’s settle on a fairly basic definition of a safe swimmer; a safe swimmer is someone comfortable in deep … Continued


Why PRIVATE Swim Lessons? Indeed, why private swim lessons? Or more specifically, why are private swim lessons so much more beneficial than group classes? For this blog I will endeavor to outline and describe what I feel are the top three reasons why swim classes are more beneficial than regular group classes. These three reasons … Continued

Mr. Eric’s Adventures: The 2019 Wildwood Polar Plunge

Hello everyone!  I’m back again with more adventures!  This year I took part in the Wildwood Polar Plunge.  It was run by the Special Olympics of New Jersey.  Before I get into detail about the event itself, let’s talk about what a Polar Plunge is and why we do it. What is a Polar Plunge?  … Continued

5 Pool Cool Pool Toy Ideas

5 Pool Cool Pool Toy Ideas The weather outside may be frightful but indoor pools are so delightful. With the holiday season approaching pool toys may not be at the top of your gift lists but I thought it might be fun to put together a list of some super fun looking toys. Of course … Continued

Swimming with the PUMPKINS?!!

5 Crazy Underwater Events Sooooo it’s October and that means it’s pumpkin carving contest time! Just like last year, I entered the local underwater pumpkin carving contest. Since I wrote an entire blog about that last October, I figured I would do something different this year. So I present to you, 5 crazy underwater events … Continued

Why You Should Learn to Swim

Why learn to swim? While drowning death rates have decreased over time for most age groups, children under age 5 still have the highest risk of drowning. Let’s get the medical opinion of Dr. Weiss MD, FAAP and lead author of the policy statement regarding drowning prevention. “Drowning is a leading cause of injury-related death … Continued

Public Pool Laws

Public Pool Law and Codes What they are, how they came to be, and why they apply to you My goal with this blog is to give a brief explanation of any laws that govern public pools within the state of New Jersey. Not the most exciting of topics but it may explain why some … Continued