Why You Should Learn to Swim

Why learn to swim? While drowning death rates have decreased over time for most age groups, children under age 5 still have the highest risk of drowning. Let’s get the medical opinion of Dr. Weiss MD, FAAP and lead author of the policy statement regarding drowning prevention. “Drowning is a leading cause of injury-related death … Continued

Public Pool Laws

Public Pool Law and Codes What they are, how they came to be, and why they apply to you My goal with this blog is to give a brief explanation of any laws that govern public pools within the state of New Jersey. Not the most exciting of topics but it may explain why some … Continued

Safe Swimming While Traveling

Safe Swimming While Traveling This is a topic that as an instructor I get a variety of questions about. Everything from the mundane to quite serious safety concerns. For this blog, I will strive to address most of them. I think that the logical order to answering these questions would be starting with the most … Continued

Beyond the Basics: Scuba Diving

Let’s pretend, for just a moment, that you are snorkeling along a coral reef. Swimming along the surface watching the beautiful marine life below, you want to go deeper to take a close look. Holding your breath, you swim down to take a closer look at the fish playing amongst the coral. However, after a … Continued

A Swimmer’s Guide to Healthy Skin and Hair Series: Part 1

A Swimmer’s Guide to Healthy Skin and Hair Series: Part 1 – Simply Water Everyone’s seen or felt the damage of spending time in the pool or the ocean when at the beach: split ends, brittle hair, skin redness or irritation, even rashes. Proper hair and skin care is essential for even the casual swimmer, … Continued

Beyond the Basics: Snorkeling

One of the questions I most frequently receive as an instructor is “What is the next level?” or “What is the next step after swimming classes?”. Obviously becoming a safe swimmer is everyone’s first priority but what comes after? Learning safe swimming is like learning basic arithmetic in school. It’s enough to get by but … Continued

How Do Private Swim Lessons Save You Money?

Growing up, I often heard the statement, “Practice makes perfect.” Now that I am a husband, parent, and supportive friend, I’ve found that I can’t disagree more with that old statement. Instead, I’ve come to firmly believe that “Practice makes progress.” I apply this principle in my daily life, but it has also been a … Continued

Swim Gear: How to choose the right PFD (Personal Flotation Device)

Swim Gear: How to choose the right PFD (Personal Flotation Device) When it comes to being in the water, safety is key. Whatever fun water activities you have planned, personal flotation devices (PFDs) are an important part of preparing for water adventures and are absolutely essential for any excursion that involves a boat, kayaks, or … Continued

Swim Gear: Choosing the Right Swimsuit Material

Swim Gear: Choosing the Right Swimsuit Material Everyone likes finally finding that perfect swimsuit–just the right color or pattern, and holds up well after hours of swim time. When it comes to picking the right swimsuit, the options can be dizzying! There are many different kinds of materials, blends, and fits, not to mention cut … Continued

Swim Lessons | Client Testimonials: Varun

Swim Team? No Thanks. Water Polo Is More My Speed After moving from Connecticut to New Jersey, Sindhu and Ajay Kumar looked for a place for their 5-year-old son, Varun, to take swim lessons. They signed him up for group lessons, but there wasn’t much progress. “There were always at least five or six children … Continued