New Requirements For Your Community Pool

Do you live in a community with a pool that has a surface area greater than 2000 square feet? The updated NJ Bather code now requires that your facility have an on-staff Pool Director. DO NOT WAIT and DO NOT RISK missing Memorial Day opening weekend by not having this important certification which may be required for compliance.

Making Waves Pool Service is now offering classes beginning in November for this important and crucial certification. Is it possible my community pool won’t be able to open next summer? Yes. Absolutely. While the course is invaluable for anyone operating non-private swimming pools, the New Jersey Pool Director course is an approved course to satisfy the requirement of N.J.A.C. 8:26-5.2(a)2, which states, “For pools larger than 2,000 square feet, the designated adult supervisor shall possess pool director training certification. Current adult pool supervisors shall have until January 16, 2019, to obtain certification”. The new deadline for this certification is December 31, 2019. Read more from the New Jersey Department of Health

We are happy to answer any questions about this course or about your facility’s needs and requirements. Please email or call Megan at 609-818-0373. We look forward to speaking to you.