A little about me:
Hello! My first swim lessons were ‘Mommy and Me’ classes when I was 6 months old! From there, I continued to love swim and joined my first competitive team in 2007. I swam competitively for my local YMCA, recreation, and high school teams until 2018. I am a very easygoing and laidback person who likes to have fun in my free time by going hiking, to the beach, and of course, swimming in my pool!

The reason why I enjoy teaching people how to swim is not only because of how much I enjoy swimming myself, but I believe everyone should know how to safely be around and in the water. I have found through my experience of teaching swim lessons that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach for teaching lessons. This is because everyone is different and we all learn at our own pace, and because of this, my teaching style is very adaptive. I structure the lessons specifically to the needs of each of my students to ensure that we can reach our goals and have fun while learning.

Working with beginners is always an exciting process! Although beginners are often a little nervous about starting lessons, once they get into the pool and start learning, they are excited to start making progress. I emphasize the importance of learning survival strokes and skills in the water and mastering them which is the most important for beginners. While swimming, water safety should always be the top priority! To motivate young swimmers and get them excited to learn these skills, I try to frame the lessons that we do as a game to ensure the swimmers are having fun while also paying attention to the instruction. To ensure any swimmer’s goals are met, I have found it important to talk to my swimmer and/or their parents before and after lessons, first to understand what their goals are and then to make sure we are on track to accomplish those goals.

I am Lifeguard, First Aid, AED, and CPR certified. Let’s have a safe and fun time swimming!

Summer 2024: July 1st – August 31st Openings

Fall 2024: September 1st – December 23rd Openings

Winter 2025: January 2nd – March 31st Openings

Spring 2025: April 1st – June 30th Openings

*Tuition fees are based on one private half hour lesson per week until the end of a specific session. Pricing may vary depending on your enrollment date and type of class.

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