Never been in a pool? Wish you could enjoy the ocean? If you’ve never had the chance to learn how to swim, you’re a beginner no matter what age you are! Luckily, you’ve got Making Waves—a family swim school that offers New Jersey’s best swimming lesson for beginners.

Pool Safety First

Whether you’re a child or adult, if you’ve had little to no swimming experience, you may have some fear of the water. At Making Waves, each swimming lesson for beginners focuses on making you comfortable in the water first. Before you learn how to swim, you’ll be introduced to important water safety skills including, blowing bubbles, putting you face in the water, holding your breath, proper kicking and arm motions and proper body position/floating/gliding.

These pool safety lessons are aided by our caring, professional instructors at first, with the goal of helping you gain more confidence in the water. With one-on-one instruction and a private atmosphere, children and adults will be swimming successfully in no time!
If you or your child Is a beginner ready to learn how to swim, contact us our family swim school today at 888.422.SWIM.

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