Swim Gear: How to Choose Goggles

Written by Eric W., Making Waves Swim Instructor Everything You Need to Know About Goggles …and possibly something you don’t want to know too. Goggles, goggles, goggles. What are they? How do they work? What size should I get? What kind should I get? What brand should I get? Do I or my child even … Continued

Swim Lessons | Client Testimonials: Fabian

For the Salam Family, Learning to Swim Has Been Life-Changing When Fabian Salam showed up for his first Making Waves swim lesson at age 3, he was terrified of the water. He was very nervous and reserved. According to swim instructor Eric Wembacher, this is common for a new swim student, especially a child as … Continued

Underwater Adventures: Pumpkin Carving Contest

Written by Eric W., Making Waves Swim Instructor The temperature is finally dropping, the leaves have changed, and Halloween is fast approaching! Fall is well and truly here. Personally, I am loving it, Fall is my favorite season. While dropping temperatures may put a hindrance on swimming at the beach, Making Waves Swim Schools has … Continued

Competitive Swimming: Physical Benefits

Written by Eric W., Making Waves Swim Instructor Providing a safe and consistent means for physical exercise There is a lot of required preparation for joining a competitive swim team and can certainly be overwhelming.  It begs the question “Is all the effort worth it?”  Yes, it most certainly is.  The benefits of competitive swimming … Continued

Competitive Swimming: The Fun Factor

Written by Eric W., Making Waves Swim Instructor Let’s say your child has mastered all the skills needed for a competitive swimming team and you have accommodated enough time into your schedule to allow them to join a team. They try out and succeed. Congratulations!!! Your child starts going to meets and practices and things … Continued

Competitive Swimming: Swimming Requirements

Written by Eric W., Making Waves Swim Instructor “What does my child need to know to join a swim team?” A child’s age is the determining factor in what is required to join a swim team. Swimming leagues run in even numbered ages and down (6 and under, 8 and under, etc.).  Most swim teams … Continued

Competitive Swimming: The Commitment Factor

Written by Eric W., Making Waves Swim Instructor So far we have talked about the necessity of learning to swim safely and what strokes and skills are required to join a competitive swimming team. Both are extremely important topics but perhaps nothing surprising or unexpected. Next, we’ll discuss something that has very little to do with … Continued

Competitive Swimming: Is My Child Ready?

Written by Eric W., Making Waves Swim Instructor Part 1: Safety First and Other Basics As a swimming instructor for Making Waves, one of the more common questions I get from parents is “Is my child ready for competitive swimming?” Unfortunately, this is not always a straightforward answer.  So for this series of blogs, I … Continued

Private Swim Lessons: Teaching Safety First

Making Waves Swim School is truly dedicated to ensuring swimmers are safe in and around water. Using a ‘crawl before you walk’ approach, our instructors focus on teaching skills that span beyond just learning how to swim in order to appreciate and respect their surroundings. For comparison purposes, before building a big, beautiful house one … Continued

4 Reasons Your Child Needs Private Swim Lessons

Is it time for your child to learn how to swim? Private swimming lessons for kids is the safest way you can introduce your child to the fun they can have in a pool or at the beach. When your child is comfortable in the water and knows how to swim, they’ll start to build … Continued